Security Update

Updated Security Features to MemberDirect Online Banking

As part of our continuing commitment to cybersecurity, a new safety feature has been integrated with the MemberDirect digital banking system.  Enhanced authentication practices are commonplace for online banking and e-commerce platforms, and New Waterford Credit Union's login features will continue to evolve with advancements in technology.

This new feature, called reCAPTCHA, requires members to first confirm they are human (and not a robot).  The following icon is on the Login page, after you have entered your Account # and Access Code (PAC).  This step is illustrated below:
Click on the box beside “I’m not a robot”.  Then, you will be given a group of images and you will be asked to identify and click on the images that are being requested.   In the example below, a member is asked to ‘Select all images with cars.”  In this instance, the member would select four images: the middle left and the three bottom images.

Once you have selected the images, press "Verify" (or "Next" if displayed).   If all the required images were identified, the box will close, and you can click login to proceed with your Account in the usual fashion.  If you did not identify all the required images, you will be prompted to re-complete the process.

As part of our fraud prevention program, we would like to remind members to keep an eye on your accounts for suspicious activity, update passwords frequently, keep your anti-virus and security software up to date and contact us if you have any concerns. 

Questions?  Please contact us at 902-862-6453 to speak to a member of our team.  We would be happy to answer your questions or walk you through the process online.