Credit Union Membership/Ownership

At New Waterford Credit Union, being a member means you are both a customer and an owner. A better relationship that ensures your needs always come first; giving you the power to take ownership of your financial future!

At New Waterford Credit Union, we are committed to your financial future and want to empower you to make the best decisions for your financial well being. When you open an account, you uniquely become both a member (customer) and an owner of New Waterford Credit Union. As a member/owner you have a say in the overall direction of New Waterford Credit Union and a right to vote at meetings on issues critical to New Waterford Credit Union.

The fundamental operating principle of credit unions is democratic ownership, one vote. At New Waterford Credit Union, all members are equal with respect to the power of their vote.  Also, as a member/owner and to help you realize your financial goals, you have equal access to the full range of competitive financial products and services offered by New Waterford Credit Union.  You'll also enjoy a flexible approach to business and responsiveness to local concerns.

A Common Share purchase is required to obtain membership in New Waterford Credit Union.  If, at any time, you decide to close your account and withdraw your membership, your investment in common shares will be redeemed from New Waterfird Credit Union and refunded to you. Common shares sell at a price of $100.00 per account or $5.00 for students.

Become A Member Today!

To become a member, simply call us at 902-862-6453 to make an appointment. You can also save yourself some time by completing the Online Membership Application. Once you submit the form, you will get a call to set up an appointment and complete the process, sign the papers and start your new relationship with New Waterford Credit Union.