Your Money

Our financial services solutions are straightforward, so you can spend more time living your life and less time planning it. Whether you're an industry professional, a student, retired or opening your first savings account, New Waterford Credit Union has the products and services that will fit your needs.

Not sure which account is right for you? At New Waterford Credit Union, we'll guide you through the many product options available, so that you choose the best account for you!

Our line of chequing accounts provides you with the newest features and account options to allow for maximum flexibility and convenience to suit your individual financial needs.  Plus, all of our chequing accounts pay interest at competitive rates!

Our savings accounts are perfect for those who want to earn interest and have the flexibility to make a withdrawal here and there without locking into an investment. If you want to save some extra cash for upcoming expenses, events, holidays, or vacations, then this is the option for you!

Our community's young people are very important to us. That is why we have a wide verifty of products and programs specifically targeted at both Youth (18 and under), who may be getting their first account, and Students (19-24) who are just starting to look to the future.

We make banking easy and convenient by providing you with a variety of services that allow you to access and manage your money from almost anywhere!  We also offer a full range of other services to suit your financial needs such as money orders, safety deposit boxes, traveler's cheques and much more.

New Waterford Credit Union offers competitive pricing on all its products with special package prices for even greater savings.